10 LinkedIn Growth Hacks to Unleash Your Profile Growth

Krishna Anubhav
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Hello! đź‘‹

As you probably already know, I’m Krishna.. “The LinkedIn Growth Hack Guy”

-Funny I mention this because it was never my intention to become a LinkedIn Growth Hacker…. yet, it didn’t happen by accident either. 

Let me explain 👇

I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession and a thinker by passion. When I was working on my first startup about 3 years ago (a marketing agency) - I stumbled upon an irresistible forbidden fruit: My First Toxic Enterprise Customer.

Now, you may be thinking… someone who will give you a boat load of money is great, right? - … yeah, but this dream client started to take up all of my time…. Literally ALL of it. I worked DAY, NIGHTS, WEEKENDS… basically, I was glued to the screen 24x7 trying to do ONE SINGLE THING:

Grow their LinkedIn profile to attract high-end leads.

I spent literally thousands of hours doing this… and ultimately cracked the code on how LinkedIn was ranking profiles, and I was on top of the world! I was ranking their executive team’s profiles and company profiles so fast that they were getting some serious connections within their niche coming to them…. 

Yes, once you grow your profile on LinkedIn large enough, the prospects come knocking at your door asking you to take their money!

… and being an Entrepreneur at heart, I decided to allow other Entrepreneurs to dominate LinkedIn growth by putting together this guide.

This guide is for you if:

  • You want to grow your network on LinkedIn
  • You want to learn how the LinkedIn algorithm works (in basic terms)
  • You want to start adding more meaningful connections to your network
  • You want to start prospecting on LinkedIn to grow your business/personal brand

This guide is not for you if:

  • You want to be a millionaire with zero effort
  • You want LinkedIn to throw leads with money at you without doing anything
  • You want to sit around and do nothing while LinkedIn makes money for you
  • You believe in magical unicorns that will make you a millionaire

So go on, dive in, and most importantly… take action! 👊

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10 LinkedIn Growth Hacks to Unleash Your Profile Growth

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